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VBTube - YouTube Syndication for VBulletin

Enables webmasters running VBulletin 3.6.8+ to automatically syndicate YouTube videos. Easy to install (upload 2 files and add one VBulletin template) and editable categories. Does not require any extra bandwidth or web space as all images and videos...

PHPAudit - PHP Licensing && Distribution

PHPAudit is a fully featured PHP Software Distribution Solution for Independent Software Vendors and PHP Developers. PHPAudit automates the distribution of your code from new orders to product download && licensing. PHPAudit is very easy to u...

ionCube Standalone PHP Encoder

The ionCube PHP encoder 5.0 offers superior script protection with no compromises for PHP4 && 5, offering optimised compiled code, and files time limited and locked to specific machines. Run encoded files on Linux, Win, Solaris, FreeBSD, ...

ionCube online PHP Encoder

The ionCube Encoder is a new PHP encoding concept with an online portal offering affordable pay as you go encoding using Compiled-Code-Translation to actually eliminate source code and hide data rather than obfuscation. Encodes single files or zip/ta...