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expos is a photo album presentation software which uses Flash and XML to display eye-catching slideshows of your picture collection. Its small footprint and dynamic image loading allow your page visitors to start viewing the slides with minimal de...
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Creativyst Eyelid Scroller

A neat scroller that imitates an eye opening and closing. A new message displays each time it opens. And of course, it''s JSMsg ready so you can display dynamic content feeds. Tip, make the eyelid color the same as the background color for a ni...

DynamicPDF 1.0

Refer to our web site for documentation, examples, and to test it yourself. This is a great tag for those who want to generate PDF/PS/HTML files instantly. It supports many features including: 1. Page breaking 2. Footer and header ...

WebMenu Genie

WebMenu Genie offers: 1. An easy to use Windows program for creating web menus, requiring no coding - all files are generated for you automatically. 2. Object-oriented Javascript classes for scripting on any platform, making dynamic menu content easy...

b3 Counter

b3 Counter is a flexible counter script with a look that is only limited by your imagination. Works with any .gif files you specify. Text, standard or deluxe settings allow for a variety of looks including vertical alignment, background images, font ...

Countdown to Day Script

This is a live, dynamic countdown script that can be set to count down until any given date. Every aspect of the script is configurable - dimensions, background color, text font etc.

Ace Dynamic TextArea Color Wizard

This is a Web-based wizard to create dynamic textarea colors schemes. It allows you to set the onLoad (startup), onMouseOver and onMouseOut colors for your textarea fields. Adjust the color schemes for the text, the background color and the scrollbar.

Sliding Tree Menu

A dynamic tree menu applet. Customize unlimited sub levels, each with custom background images, descriptions, URL links and frame targeting, 3 state icons, (includes display, switch, and up state) highlight properties and all text colors. Define unli...


This is a simple dynamic DNS client written in PHP (4) especially for It conforms to DynDNS NIC v2. It runs in the background and updates your IP address in the DynDNS database whenever it has changed.


BrainCode''s JS SCROLL is a horizontal scrolling text ticker, often called a marquee. Specifically designed for JavaScript Junkies, it''s completely JavaScript controllable. (Get a look at the great doc. provided with the applet.) JS SCRO...