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No smoke advertisement in flash

In this tutorial I will explain how to make a no smoke advertisement in flash 8 with no Action Script. You will also learn: 1. How to import an image in Flash, 2. How to convert a bitmap image into a symbol, 3. How to apply a blur effect on...

Coloring text effect

See how to create simple coloring text effect in flash 8 using the mask.

Swiss Army Image slideshow

Swiss Army Image slideshow is an incredibly versatile image slideshow script. It supports a myriad of features, from manual image cycling, fade effect between images, to accompanying text description beneath each slide, linking, and more.

Disappearing text effect

In this easy tutorial made for Flash 8, you will see how to create disappearing text effect with no Action Script.

Text effect - color changing

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create color text effect in flash 8, using the mask.

Dynamic text effect

Tutorial shows you how to create dynamic text effect in flash 8 without Action Script.

Harmony text effect

Read this tutorial and see how to create harmony text effect. This effect is very useful and you can use it for header, animations...

Special Text Effect in Flash

If you want to create a nice text effect you''ll need to use the Action Script, whic isnt very easy. This tutorial will learn you how to create in a easily way a cool text effect without Action Script. Let''s go!


This is a php web calender which allows to store events with a mini notepad integrated. It is really easy to install and to use. Features:Mini Multilanguage Support (en,de,it); MultiUser Support; Font, Colors, borders and dimensions can be modified...

Glowing Text Effect

In this Flash tutorial you will learn how to make text glow (this effect will also work for anything drawn in Flash). The glowing edges around the text will ease in and ease out in this animations. Topics include: soften fill edges, alpha control, an...