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Password Protect / Encode HTML

HTML Password Protector is a JavaScript tool to protect whole HTML page, or only part of it. It will encode HTML using your password, and will add password box. Incorrect password will result in incorrectly decoded HTML. Password is not stored, so it...
DETAILS - HTML, JavaScript Encoder/Obfuscator

This site will help you quickly encode and obfuscate your HTML/JavaScript code many different methods, as well as generate browser redirect or hidden iframe in Javascript or Flash.

Email obfuscator and encoder

Email harvesting is a real problem nowadays; publishing an email address on a web page means exposing it to automated email collection softwares. Once it''s been collected there no way of getting rid of spam. The best way to avoid this is obfusc...

Free Online HTML && Javascript Encoder

Make it hard for newbie to read your valuable html code or your amazing javascript technique by encode them. You may choose page or paste the code directly. Save the result via save as page and use it on your page.

SoftXMLLib - JavaScript XML Library

SoftXMLLib is a cross-browser JavaScript Library. Any web developer dealing with XML data knows about hard job he must implement in order to make things working perfectly in all browsers. This libriary makes working with XML DOM and AJAX e...

A Web Planning Board

Visitors may publish or encode in realtime their comments like in a blog, the page is a subindex to many free scripts [chmod, hotlink, htaccess, errordocument etc] written in PHP and in JavaScript [promotion with cookies], the planningboard code its...

jsGuard: JavaScript protection system.

The JSGuard protection system encode JavaScript source code and does not allow to download source code from the server. It is not 100% safe but actual time to hack the system is very close to script development time. The system works on IE and NS pla...