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How to protect PDF files using PHP

This tutorial explains how to safely hide away PDF files from public access using htaccess, but then having a PHP file run its own authorization to allow access to the file without the Network Password dialog box. The PDF file will be displayed in th...

ezUpload Pro

ezUpload Pro is the world''s most popular PHP upload solution. Packed with features, installed by over 1300 websites, ezUpload Pro has everything you need to allow secure file uploads to your website today! Download uploaded files via our file b...

Emailing Customized Flash E-cards with PHP and Text Files

This tutorial explains how to send out customized Flash e-cards to anyone you want, or allow anyone that visits your site to do the same. This tutorial will allow you to set up a much simplified version of say the online Hallmark or Blue mountain e-...


Pagetool is a web-based CMS that stores pages in a MySQL database. Pages are modified and media files uploaded via html forms. Main page options include: public/private setting; edit permissions on a group basis; HTML or PHP code; autohtml; a choice ...


DaDaBIK is a PHP application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable front-end for a database. The strength of DaDaBIK lies in its ability of customization. For each field of a table you can choose: if the field should be included or n...

JPETo_pack_images (Free Version)

This PHP script allows you to pack all images from the current directory into an archive called index.php; access one of these images by calling index.php?pic=[PICNAME]; list all images in the archive; and unpack all images. Please note that the PHP ...

RTF Generator Class

RTF Generator lets you create your own RTF files on web-servers, without any applications except PHP. No additional PHP modules needed and the sctipt is not system-dependent and works on all platforms. Using special mark-up language which is based on...


Wasp is an platform-independent HTML preprocessor. It''s like PHP or ASP, except with the powerful Python language at your fingertips. You can add Python code to your pages, expand boiler-plate text, etc. Wasp may be run in three ways. In ...

Random Image Display script

Random Image Display is a simple PHP script to display a random image on your Web page. It shows all image files from its directory. It can be included in other php page or called by image tag. Script is updated to fit &"register globals o...

AVirCAP (aka CodeRed && Ninda Hunter)

AVirCAP 2.0 (also known as CODERED Hunter) is a package designed to monitor the network for CodeRed and NIMDA type of activities. It is possible to set up several servers and have a central report repository that collects all reports. Now Supporting ...