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Javascript Obfuscator

Stop theft of your JavaScript sources! Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript source code into scrambled and completely unreadable form, preventing it from analysing and theft. Javascript Obfuscator can * process javascript tags in html fi...

GMap - Google Maps and Driving Directions

GMap provides a PHP wrapper around the Google Maps Javascript API. Its purpose is to allow a web developer to easily add Google Maps and driving directions to web pages using PHP. GMap eliminates the need for special header and body tags, making it...

JavaScript Spell Check - Spell Checking for Website Forms. AJAX Compatible

JavaScript Spell Check - Spell Checking for Website Forms.  AJAX CompatibleJavaScript Spell Check is a comprehensive spell checking component for JavaScript. JavaScript Spell Check is compatible with AJAX, ASP, ASP.NET, DHTML and WC3 HTML and XHTML. It is also compatible with almost all modern web browsers. A Free Trial i...

The easy way into Ajax with AHAH

AHAH (Asynchronous HTML and HTTP) is a subset of the popular Ajax web programming paradigm, which is easy to code and avoids the hassle of parsing XML or carrying out XSLT transformations. The source code of a generalised (but tiny) Javascript funct...

Form1 Builder

Form1 Builder runs in your web browser and allows you to easily build any web form. It provides a single file form (no cgi) with a hidden email delivery address and an extensive range of benefits and options. Key features include: User friendly click...

JavaScript Popup Creator

Javascript function that creates a popup fully costumizable: you decide width, height, url, name, plus some important attributes like scrollbars, option to resize, status bar, location, toolbars. The popup is automatically centered in your screen. Si...


iScramble is a PHP script that allows you to protect sections of your HTML code from prying eyes. It scrambles the text into a form that is not human readable, and generates some JavaScript code to descramble it. It is particularly useful for hi...

Resetting forms using an Image Button (IE4+ / NS4+)

In forms when using text boxes or text areas and check boxes you might need a reset button that is not the usual gray HTML button. For this you can use a small JavaScript function as given below. Note: This button will reset only text boxes,text area...