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SOC (Safe Obfuscator/Compressor for JavaScript)

SOC (Safe Obfuscator/Compressor for JavaScript) allows you to safely obfuscate and compress JavaScript source code without corrupting it. It has a simple yet powerful graphical user interface that allows fine granular control over the obfuscation of ...

All In One, the DHTML API Covers Many Features

This API is consist of Javascript files that are needed to be attached to your files and we documented the function prototypes for your use. All you have to do is to include script files to your own web pages - between &<head&> and &...

Interactive calendar time and date picker cross browser and multi language

ddcal easy to use versatile drag and drop calendar date picker provides your Web pages with a useful and interactive means of selecting a date or time. Customize the calendar appearance or extend its prototype functionality to include date event info...

AddObject NLSTree Professional

AddObject NLSTree ProfessionalNlsTree is a powerful and versatile advanced cross browsers javascript tree control. NlsTree provides advanced functionalities such as runtime tree node manipulation for adding, deleting and updating nodes, load on demand (AJAX) and render on deman...