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Form1 Builder

Form1 Builder runs in your web browser and allows you to easily build any web form. It provides a single file form (no cgi) with a hidden email delivery address and an extensive range of benefits and options. Key features include: User friendly click...

Unicoder - Make email address 100% invisible for spam robots

Unicoder V1.1. is a perl script that allows you with a single click to convert email addresses to a Unicode mix javascript that makes your email address 100% invisible to any type of email collecting spam robots. The generated code is compatible wi...

Ultimate Form Mail Contact Form Processor

TEST DRIVE - Try it before you buy it 15 day test drive. SPECIAL OFFER - Special promotion code for HotScripts visitors only. GUARANTEE - 90 day money back guarantee PLUS $5 in addition to money back. Multiple levels of spam control. ATTACHMENTS - ...

Anti Spam Bot - spam proof your website

Recursively converts all html email addresses (including mailto links) into JavaScript email links within your website, so that those nasty spam bots can''t gather email addresses from your website. The script goes through each directory recurs...

Email Riddler

Email Riddler is JavaScript tool that encrypts and transform your email address into a series of numbers when displaying it on your site, making it virtually impossible for spam harvesters to crawl and add your email to their list. Highly compact and...

Non-spiderable mailto: links with JavaScript

Bots and spam mechanisms are capable of picking email address up from HTML source code - Use a Javascript to form your email addresses and kiss spam bots goodbye.

JavaScript Email Address Encoder

If like me, you are fed up of receiving spam through your email addresses that are posted on your websites, then this is just what you need. Simply enter your email address in the spaces provided and click on the ''continue button'' and you...


HTMLProtector is a tool that helps you protect the content of your web page by preventing others from viewing your source code. Additionally, it will stop spam robots from extracting email addresses from your pages as well as prevent people from usin...

HiMail Pro

HiMail Pro is a highly sophisticated cross-platform HTML form mailer, with strong emphasis on security, javascript input validation, external templates and more. Includes defenses against header substitution and 3 further configurable levels of secur...

HiMail Free

HiMail Free is a free cross-platform form mailer, with strong emphasis on security. Configure three levels of security aimed to prevent unauthorised use or hijacking of your form to email script - with our HiMail solutions properly configured you wo...