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Popup Generator

Use our simple and effective javascript popup generator to automatically produce javascript code to allow popups on your website. You can also use this script to offer as a program on your website for visitors to use for free in or in a paid access a...

dhtmlxCalendar :: Ajax DatePicker

dhtmlxCalendar is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript calendar component which can be configured as a popup datepicker or a flat calendar. The main features include custom date format, any day as the first day of week, year drop down list, various...

Javascript DHTML Fade-in Popup Window

This javascript DHTML fade-in popup (popin) window is like those you''re seeing all over the web these days. You can''t use any more because of popup blockers. This script creates a virtually unblockable popup ad or newletter ...

Dreamweaver Dynamic Toolbar

This package contains a set of tools based mainly on javascript effects that allow to apply easily image preview floating panels, HTML formatted hints, attach sounds to buttons, floating HTML formatted text panels, animated popup windows, accordion e...

JavaScript Producer

Allows you to create JavaScript for your web pages with ease. Now you to can do the same tricks as the professionals only without spending months learning how or by spending lots of money to have it done for you. Simply select what you would like to ...

Complete Javascript popup opener

Opening popups in JS is simple, but sometimes in the same page we need to open popups with different features. There are several scripts in the net doing this task but, as usual, none of them seemed to fit my needs. Complete Javascript popup op...