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MX Projects Flash Message Board / Forum

The MX Projects Forum will allow you to have a Flash enabled, fully functional message board on your site. Purchasing the source gives you access to free upgrades forever! The free version gives you all the SWF files for you to try and use as well as...

Search Engine in Flash MX2004

This is a database search engine created using Flash MX2004, PHP and MySql. You can enter a Keyword and search the MySql database for that Keyword. The entire search results are displayed on the next page. It uses MX2004 components also. Visit o...

Database enabled Flash MX2004 components

Here is something you have been looking for long time. We provide Database enabled FlashMX2004 Components. We have enabled the components available in Flash MX2004 and connected them with MySql database using PHP. So all the data in these components ...

Creating Dynamic Web Pages with Dreamweaver MX (an introduction)

A step by step tutorial which uses flash screen grabs, showing users how to develop (basic) dynamic web pages using Dreamweaver MX. Other software required : Easy PHP + MySQL Front. Both free downloads.
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Free PHP Smart Guest Book - Flash and PHP Guest-book

This Free Flash && PHP Guest-Book has a smart eye-catching interactive interface, active bad word filter, fantastic load time due to highly optimized code && small Flash file size (16KB). Cross Browser Compatible. Comments field can a...


A nice looking online support script using php + mysql + flash to operate. Wait for a representative to answer the customer, but after some while if you are offline, cusomer can send you an email. Version 1.6 comes with status indicator. ...


ZZ:FlashChat is a simple PHP/MySQL-based Chat Program with Flash interface. The advantage of using flash is that no annoying page refreshes are required for it to work. For installation you must have webspace with PHP and a MySQL database. The client...

Flash MX Poll

The Flash MX Charting Components Example is a free download application running with PHP and MySQL - this allows you to create dynamic Polls and Voting applications in Flash. Can be used for Quiz''s, Multiple Choice, and other graphing needs - ...

Installing Apache 2.0, PHP 4.2.0, MySQL 3.23, and PHPMyAdmin

This article attempts to detail the installation of the Apache 2.0 web server, the PHP version 4.2.0 scripting language, the latest MySQL DBMS, and PHPMyAdmin on a windows (98, ME, XP, etc) desktop. Although there are a couple of programs that will d...

Simple Login/Registration Using Flash with PHP and mySQL

This tutorial assumes that you have some basic knowledge of PHP and mySQL, and a good understanding of Flash 5 Actionscript. This tutorial shows you how to set up a table in a mySQL database, then using PHP (or asp with a few minor changes) manipulat...