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Encrypt / Decrypt Information

This simple Encryption and Decryption module is written in PHP and can be used to encrypt important information before saving in database or passing over the Internet. The encrypted infromation can be decrypted into readable format using Decryp...

Stellar eCart Shop for PayPal

Easy PHP Shopping cart for PayPal with Anti-eShoplifting &"Button&" Encryption. Integrate your website''s sales with Paypal. Unlike most PayPal shopping carts, Stellar''s solution utilizes the best encryption available to ...

Zorex PHP CryptZ v2.02

Zorex PHP CryptZ is the solution for encoding and protecting your PHP scripts. Now you can encrypt your PHP files before distribution without worrying about others who might want to copy or steal your code. You can protect your PHP scripts or pages t...

PHPCodeLock - Protect your PHP Scripts

PHPCodeLock will encrypt your php scripts so pages are not human readable, plus you can lock your script to an ip, domains or just use a unlock key to send to customers when they buy your php script. You can create timed demos of your php scripts. No...

PADL - PHP Application Distribution License System

This class can used to generate keys to control the distribution PHP applications that are enable according to a license. It generates license strings that can bind PHP applications to specific servers or can only be executed during limited tim...

ByteRun Protector for PHP

Encrypt your PHP4 and PHP5 sources with 100% secure technique. Create demo-versions of php scripts with expiration date. Restrict execution only from specified domains. Manage several projects with easy-to-use frontend.

PHP LockIt! - Encode PHP scripts

Encrypt (encode) PHP scripts easily and quickly. Use it for encrypting your scripts for distribution, or protecting sensitive information such as MySQL username/password. Encoded scripts work with PHP Linux/Unix and Windows servers. Encoder runs...

Codelock - Is a PHP/HTML Script Encryptor

Codelock allows you to encrypt full PHP pages (mixed with HTML and Javascript) including the HTML Output from your scripts. You can distribute your scripts with a password, expiry date and IP lock. Codelock is easy to use and only takes a few minut...

SourceCop: Encrypt/Obfuscate Your PHP Code

PHP developers have always been reluctant in distributing their developments. SourceCop for PHP is a Windows based application, developed to encrypt your PHP code so that you can distribute it, without any fear. SourceCop for PHP encrypts a majo...

CodeLock - The PHP/HTML code Encryptor

CodeLock allows you to encrypt entire PHP pages,codes,scripts (mixed with HTML and javascript). CodeLock allows you to easily encrypt both PHP and HTML code to protect your pages. This script also encrypts your PHP output so if your PHP script displa...