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PHP HTML Formtted Form Mail Script

This PHP Form Mail script is developed by script is developed by and it''s free for personal or professional use. It''s fully compatible with PHP 5.0.3 and will not create any problem to display form data in Outloo...

PHP HTML Mail Script

If you''re tired of only being able to send plain text email from your web forms, this is the script for you. With an easy API modeled after the built-in PHP mail() function, this simple script allows you to send a much better looking HTML form...


meMail is a simple email form that lets visitors to your site send you an email. meMail comes in two flavors, in meMail4Frames the html code is written and formatted to be used in an I-frame, javascript sized window, or other sizable medium. With meM...

MambaMessenger - PHP Bulk email w/anonymous sender

Send html formatted email in seconds using MambaMessenger! Includes a form, php mail script (using phpmailer) and an html editor for designing sophisticated messages for clients, prospects. Check out to download MambaM...