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Features: browse the FTP server; up/download files; copy/move/delete files and directories recursively on your FTP server; copy/move to a second FTP server; chmod and rename; edit code right from your browser; view code with syntax highlighting. Requ...


phpBuoy is a simple little PHP script which parses the realtime buoy data provided by the National Data Buoy Center and presents it in a nicely formatted HTML table. It''s quite easy to use as a PHP or SSI include and the script can get data for...

Blackwell''s Affiliate Script

A simple PHP script to search the Blackwell''s bookshop ( by keyword, author or ISBN and return the results within your site. Add your affiliate ID and earn commision from Blackwell''s for any book sales via your site. I...

select menu php code generator

Select is a PHP class that allows you to create &"select&" drop down menus in an easy manner so that you can dynamically update your menu from a file or a database.

DOM Menu

DOM Menu allows developers to add dynamic, hierarchical popup menus on their web pages. The direction of the menu can either be horizontal or vertical and the menu can open (or popout) in either direction. It has both screen edge detection and selec...


A PHP application analyzing the visits of Googlebot in real-time. You include a script on each page of your site (you can choose the pages where you include it, only those ones will be analyzed). When Googlebot comes to crawl one page, her visit is r...

Create a PHP Select List

Easily code dynamic PHP Select Lists. Tutorial with code snippets and comments.

DreamweaverMX PHP-MySQL behavior: SIRFCIT

SIRFCIT - Show If Recordset Field Condition Is True. Create a conditional region based on the value of a field returned from a MySQL database. Suppose you had a button on your page (say a TicketWeb button for the sake of arguement) and you wanted to ...

PHP Traverser

PHP Traverser is a script that allows you to browse a directory structure recursively. The root of the tree is the directory where the script is placed. You can password protect your directories; password generator is included. A download-list can be...


A very simple PHP script for automating a slide show from a folder of images for presentations. Images should be named with number plus usual extension. Navigation via next and back buttons, a start button, and another button that brings to the prese...