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A small shoutbox that can be placed anywhere in your web pages.It''s been written in php 5 and uses a MySql database.It features an installer that will do all the installing job,including making tables for the database.A control panel to adminis...

Creating a shout box with AJAX && PHP

This tutorial will cover how to make a great shoutbox to add to any web site. It makes use of PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. This is great for anyone who is just learning AJAX. It uses simple PHP code so as a complete beginner will be able to focus more on t...

Advance Shoutbox

An Advance Php Shoutbox with advance Admin Panel. Admin can delete/modify messages. And also can Ban IPs. No Mysql is required for this.

H Shout

This simple PHP/MYSQL shoutbox uses only one table. The table only uses 5 rows. This program is commented fully, giving you a chance to learn more about php and mysql.


ShoutPro is a PHP shoutbox that doesn''t require a database, installs in seconds, and has a frightening amount of features including user registration, smilies, ShoutCode, IP banning, profanity filtering, and manual or automatic refreshing, just...

Shoutbox Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to create a PHP and MySQL type shoutbox with basic protection.

PHP/MySQL Shoutbox System: Part One

This is Part 1 of my Shoutbox tutorial. It covers creating the MySQL table to hold all shoutbox info, through one of two methods: phpMyAdmin or a PHP query.


PHP/MySQL chat / shoutbox script which can be easily integrated into any PHP enabled website. Optional email notifications on new posts. IP Bans, reserved/banned words and usernames. Admins can delete/modify posts, specify presentation via CSS, and c...

C-Portal {Custom Portal}

C-Portal {Custom Portal} is a content management system written in php that is a fork of the Postnuke CMS. C-Portal is able to store and access a wide variety of information on an sql database quickly and reliably with security being our highest prio...

PHP ShoutBox

PHP ShoutBox allows developers to add a instant message shout box to websites. The shoutbox is an iframe element, and the script operates using javascript and stores the messages in a MySQL database. The look of the box is controlled through styles. ...