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How to Configure and Make PHP on FreeBSD

These notes describe how to compile a custom-built version of PHP 5 from the source, and replace the stock build on a FreeBSD server from Verio VPS. We install useful extensions that can not be loaded as extensions and must be compiled in, specifica...

Scriptomania, PHP IDE with HTML, JavaScript, MySQL support

Scriptomania is an HTML / PHP / MySQL / JavaScript editor used to design static as well as dynamic web pages, with the whole power of these languages combined together. Scriptomania allows you to build highly advanced web pages without the need of a ...

Script GUI for PHP

Ever dreamed running a PHP or Perl script by just double-clicking it in the Windows Explorer, so that it will automatically load into a webbrowser with the correct URL? Ever wanted to develop Windows GUI applications by employing familiar PHP web p...


Having a hard time getting your php generated HTML to conform to HTML/XML standards? Now it''s easy with phpTidyHt. phpTidyHt is a set of php functions which allow you to filter all HTML output through HTML Tidy (from