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Any Capture Screen

Screen capture software that can capture and print your desired anything of screen such as active window, menu rectangle, square, ellipse, circle etc., even surfaces of DVD players and video games, long pages with a vertical scroll bar. Copy it to th...

TopScroll Menu System Applet

Features: Configurable scroll style. Set link and target for all menu items. Highlight back and text colors on hover. And Configurable fonts and color. Right and left scrolling support with arrows.

Webmatic applets

Offers a few customizable applets with visual effect (39 applets) (rain, starfield, plasma, magicfade, snow, water, starscroll, burn, cross effects etc.), you also can create menus for your website and transiction effects. Added new applet effect: ...
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Milonic DHTML Menu - Website Navigation System

A very easy to use and extremely powerful DHTML JavaScript navigational script. Version 5.0 now includes scroll bars for long menus, delayed menu opening plus many many more features. Plus very fast rendering, you will notice your menu appear well be...

Elevator Menu Scroll Dhtml Script

Elevator Menu Scroll Dhtml Script animates any block of HTML up and down the browser window, staying in view even if the user scrolls the page. You can use it like a navigation menu. An interesting effect with many uses.

Horizontal Menu Scroll Java Applet

Horizontal Menu Scroll Java Applet, as its name implies, is a horizontal menu scroll Java applet. It allows users to choose the direction it scrolls and supports both right and left scrolling.

Horizontal Menu Scroll

This is a horizontal menu scroll Java applet. It allows users to choose the direction it scrolls. Supports both right and left.

Drop Down Menu from Top of Page

This JavaScript demonstrates how to have a drop down menu from the top of a given page. It is possible to modify the menu to scroll or not, also to change colors, and all dimensions.

Smart Tree Menu

The Smart Tree Menu by OpenCube, featuring a completely configurable scroll bar for maximum real-estate savings, is a robust, infinite level, total site navigation applet that fits easily with any web page. The Smart Tree Menu features 100% customiza...


This is a tree menu navigation program where each menu item is formed by strikes of lightning. Features include: Menu items support descriptions and URLs. One target frame is supported, The menu is a tree menu and you can have an unlimited number of ...