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AEM FadeTreeMenu Flash Applet

This advanced multilevel tree menu will display your menu items in an impressive way. Menu items will fade into the Flash applet, each time you select a parent menu item. It supports background images for both the applet and the menu items.
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Creating a drop down navigational box

Learn how to implement a drop down menu box using the SELECT element of forms and JavaScript.


Easylinks is a Links4all script. You can use it to create links of the day pages or shared bookmarks of you and your friends. Easylinks displays the links in predefined categories. Users can select categories from a dropdown menu or via textlinks. ...

Select List Of Current Month

This is a JavaScript example that creates a menu (drop down select list) of all the days in the current month. The current date is selected by default.

Multiple Email Addresses 1

This JavaScript presents users with a dropdown menu with multiple email addresses. Users can then select who (which email address) they want to email and open up their default email client by pressing &"View Mail Window&" button. Th...

Navigation Menu

This JavaScript navigation menu sends users to other Web page/site upon link selection change. It works by using the onChange function of the SELECT object to tell the window to load a new document. The URLs of the documents to jump to are given by t...

Vee and DA''s MailFormMaster System

The MailFormMaster System is a set of perl cgi scripts that allow users to create HTML forms easily, and without HTML knowledge, and that gather user input and send to an entity via email. Features include: Configuration via a central config file, Em...

Country Chooser

If you''d like to know where visitors to your site live, add this script to your feedback forms. Users just choose a region, and the second menu changes appropriately, allowing them to choose their country. (If they choose USA, it allows them to...

Pulldown Menu (Description)

If you have plenty of space on you webpage or just would like to use a more comprehensive menu list, then this script might suit you nicely. This script allows you to select a link from a scrolling text box and then displays a message concerning the ...

Quick Jump Station

Redirection script. Select a web destination from a drop-down menu and go for it. No URLs are used into the HTML code, so nobody can use your script without your knowledge.