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DOM Css Style Selector

This Javascript code allows the visitors of your website to change the look and colors of your website. This script uses advanced DOM to control Css stylesheets. On the site is also a tutorial (in italian) on how to implement the code in your site.


This is version 1.6 of the popular javascript program that we use to display our pictures on WeekendClimber.Com. It''s easy to setup, it is a really small file so downloading is a snap and it is a completely DOM1 compliant slideshow script. Has ...

Comment Form / Post Feedback Tutorial

Feedback is very valuable to not only the web designers, but to other visitors as well. This tutorial shows you how to create a script that will display comments from users, and allow users to post their own comments. The script is very secure beca...

Form Validation With PHP

This tutorial explains how to validate HTML form on server side using PHP plus client side form validation using Javascript to make your form more user friendly

Determining cookie support in client''s browser

If your script relies on JavaScript cookies to store and persist information, it''s a good idea to always make sure the user''s browser has cookies enabled first. This tutorial shows you how to perform this detection.

Creating Dynamic JavaScript with ASP and Databases

This tutorial explains how to put ASP tags inside of JavaScript blocks so developers can fit large amounts of data into one form on a single page. It provides an overview of things that can be done with dynamic JavaScript with ASP and data queries. E...

Beginning Javascript

Beginning JavaScript is a patient, introductory tutorial on writing scripts successfully. It assumes no prior knowledge of programming languages, and teaches you how to create client-side scripts (including full coverage of fundamentals like variable...

chainedSelectors: A Better Way to Drop-down a PHP List

Intended for programmers interested in experimenting with complex user interface elements, this tutorial explores using PHP to generate JavaScript based on data in a database. This tutorial explains a class called chainedSelectors. This class helps y...


Creativephp is a PHP and DHTML web design resource site. It offers free codes, downloadable programs, and tools. Also features an online versatile user friendly MYSQL Database Manager designed and programmed by the author for managing databases anywh...
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Tutorial: Introduction to JavaScript

This is an excellent introductory tutorial on JavaScript programming. It covers many essential elements such as Embedding JavaScript, JavaScript Grammar, Variables and data types, Operators, Functions, Objects, Event handlers, and more.