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PHP Current Weather Script

PHP Current Weather Script is a simple php class that grabs the current weather conditions based on the zip code you pass it. It uses the regex engine in php and grabs it from You can write output to a file for uses such as a cron jo...


This is "The Weather Component for Joomla!", a joomla component that displays XML weather feed information in compliance with the new Licence Agreement from TWC4J runs natively in Joomla! 1.5

US Weather Info

US Weather Info is a PHP/Ajax script that provides the weather information for all United States cities.

Flash iGoogle Weather

Cool Flash Weather widget XML based (data is received from Google web service at - You can choose different towns, language, US or SI units. Three versions - three ways to change variables: - XML - FlashVars - Normal (Flash)
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PHPCow - MyWeb Personalized Start Page

An easy way of building a personalized homepage as a Standalone service or Integrate with any third party CMS, Blog, Bulletin Board applications, so members of those systems do not need to register again to start Personalizing their homepage. With pr...

Micro Joomla Weather

Micro Joomla Weather is a small and simple Joomla module which displays the actual weather information for the selected city. The script gets the information from the Yahoo weather portal RSS feed.