Updated: 12/04/2008

GeN2 PTC Script

Features: Module based: This means, we can create add-ons that install with a single click, and keep adding features that you can have without a hassle. Easy Template System: Just choose a template and it starts working. PHP Session Logins and Ad Views: This means, you will be safer from hackers and bots than ever before. Lottery System: Please look in add-ons for current options. Full Automation: Automated upgrading, buying or renting refs, lottery tickets, ability to have automated payouts for PayPal and AlertPay. Advanced and Friendly Administration Panel: Packed with useful features. Advanced Referral System: Ability for buying AND renting refs. Auto Updating: Every time we have security fix, you're website will check and tell you. Anti-Bot: Randomized features to avoid and detect bots and cheaters. Advanced Ads: Many options for advertisers including demographic filter. Advanced Upgrading system: Monthly and Yearly subscriptions. AND MUCH MORE!!