Updated: 08/09/2008

PHP Easy User Manager

PHP Easy User Manager takes care of the tedium of dealing with user management functions while providing a simple but versatile means of tracking users for your own projects. It also allows you to make mass e-mailings to your users and customize those emails with the users first name and other data. The script requires PHP4 only. MySQL or other databases are NOT required. Some features of the script include customizable sign-up forms, access levels, accounts expire (by date), account banned (by date), account suspension, customizable variables, account validation, and complete admin back-end. All script output is completely customizable. You can easily restrict access to any web page by users only and access level. The script also includes an integrated version of the popular "PHP Easy Downloader" script to allow private downloads by your members. This script is currently in beta testing and completely free. Simply sign up for the beta and download the script right now!