Updated: 05/15/2008

PHP Event Calendar

PHP Event Calendar is one of the most customizable calendars on the internet. It allows unlimited combinations of sizes, colors, fonts, borders, date and time formats, week starting dates, language, etc... Once installed on your website with a single copy and paste you can put it on any of your website pages. Using a simple piece of JavaScript code you can put PHP Event Calendar on any web page - HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, JSP, etc... Multi language support - translate names of days and months and add events in your own language. PHP Event Calendar script will show on any web browser which supports JavaScript - Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari, etc... With &"Developer Licence&" you receive full source codes and you can modify them. We can install PHP Event Calendar script for free on your website. We do also all kind of custom modifications to the script.