Updated: 02/29/2008


PHP/MySQL/Ajax user management system/file management system. With this script you can allow users to register accounts to access member only pages. As the admin you can create new files on-the-fly via the admin control panel, as well as modify, delete and password protect files. Installer file makes installation a breeze, all you have to do is upload all the files and navigate to install.php and insert only your mysql database information and hit install. You can sort users in the database, see whos online (in realtime), administrator can edit the default template files right from the control panel. This script can be integrated extremely easy with just about any other script (news scripts, poll scripts, blogs, etc.) Simply create a new file from the admin control panel, and copy and paste the script code into the file and save it. This is an extremely versatile script and can be used many ways, it''s up to you to decide how to use it. Best of all is this script is free.