Updated: 04/07/2008

DL Monitor

**Formally named Download Tracker.** Manage all your downloads and links all in one place. 1. Count and log details about each click (user s ip, time of download, etc). 2. Unlimited files per download to ensure available mirror, order mirrors the way you want, set download intervals for each mirror to space out load. 3. If your default mirror doesn t exist, or doesn''t meet download interval it will go to the next available mirror. 4. Hide file location (helps prevent hot linking) && Force downloads of any file type (to prevent browser handling) OR create regular hyperlinks of INTERNAL or EXTERNAL files. 5. Details can be displayed by external sources, so if you want a check for new version in a desktop or web app you can, or if you want to display the count in your site along w/ the download link and other details. Our download pages and our version checking in our apps use it. MUCH MORE. Check out our site for more info.