Updated: 05/23/2008

Forms Expert - Easy to use Form Processing Script Generator!

Forms Expert is a great, easy-to-use tool to create powerful form processing scripts. You can use those scripts for different purposes, such as contact or feedback forms, surveys, CV form, price or catalogue request form, etc. You can setup your forms to validate inputted data: set mandatory fields, set email address syntax validation, etc. Also you can create &"Preview&" and &"Thank you!&" (&"Success!&") pages, so your visitors could preview inputted data and be sure that their submission was successful. Setup your processing scripts to send form data to you and your visitors, save it to MySQL database or flat text files. You can send unlimited number of emails for your forms. Forms Expert has step-by-step wizard, so you can setup your forms in a few clicks. No programming is required! Form setup would be easy even for newbie.