Updated: 06/21/2007

QuoteMe v4

As one of the most powerful and robust quote scripts on the market, QuoteMe v4 is easy to install and quick to deploy. QuoteMe v4 allows you to produce a database of the quotes you want to use and has an administrative interface that provides you with a way to manage your quote database. You can extend the capabilities of QuoteMe v4 to pull from and manage multiple quote databases. QuoteMe v4 does not use MySQL. Instead, QuoteMe v4 uses what is called a flat file database. This is a fancy name for a text file that lives in a folder on your web server. In the past managing text files that are in a database format was time consuming and tedious work. One missing item can cause the entire database to malfunction. With QuoteMe v4 all you have to do is login and edit the database using the easy to use administration tool.