Updated: 10/29/2007

Fake Traffic Unique Visits Module

This unique piece of software will send 1000''s of fake unique visitors to your website or myspace profile, just turn it on, leave it running in the background and watch your stats build up! Also, unlike the competition, it will send fake unique visitors to as many pages in your website as you require, not just the home page, this emulates a &"real&" visitor surfing your pages. How Does TrafficBoost Unique Visits Work? Basicly we use a massive list of daily updated anonymous proxy servers to route fake traffic to where you want. This way each visit will show as a unique ip address and each visit will show as a unique visit. We also give you the option of using a list of your own proxy ip''s or join our forum and take advantage of our hourly updated proxy lists. The reasons for using our great program are endless but to name a few: Make your website traffic stats look awesome-Increase visits to your MySpace profiles, making