Updated: 03/06/2007

Weight Loss and Fitness PHP Script

This is a script that I have recently created. It is 100% custom made, and has great potential for someone to implement it into their website or for you to create a new website with it. The script is in PHP and uses a MySQL database. The script is called, ''myWeight'' What is ''myWeight''? ''myWeight'' can be used by people who are on diets and who want to keep track of how much weight they lose every week, and also they can keep track of what they eat every day and also what exercise they do. The user will also have access to stats on their weight loss and also an interactive graph for them to keep track of their weight loss. The user can also upload photos of themselves. The scripts key features include: Entering their weight weekly Food Diary Exercise Diary Interactive Weight Loss Graph Weight Loss Stats Upload Photos Show weights in ''Pounds'' or ''Stones && Pounds'' Admin Area Very Easy Installation