Updated: 02/05/2011

5 Five Star Rating (Flatfile)

Five Star Rating is a unique, versatile, flatfile, PHP rating system that requires NO SQL DATABASE! This multiple rating system is easy to install and comes with some powerful features. By passing a single number to the ratings function, you can instantly change how each rating is displayed. Each rating system can by displayed veritivity, horizontally, in a drop down list or in a box list. There is no limit to how many rating are displayed to a single page. You can even change the star images that are displayed for each rating system. All voters IP addresses are stored in log files, which allows you to let visitors return and vote again (in x amount of days) or not. Via the admin cp, you can view each rating, reset the log files, reset the votes, ban IP addresses from voting and change the main config settings. If you have some stars already which you would like to use - no worries! simply add them to a sub folder and your done.