Updated: 01/15/2009

Gangster World Source

Multi Language Mafia Game Source With Build in Phone Payment Systems, Multi Layouts, Free Support! Another unique feature of the Gangster World Source of starting a family and to the management of companies in various cities and loading. In this way, every family is a land management and service included. Some other options in the Game Source back to find: Property management Payment of Ideal / SMS payment phone | Support with more then 100 countries!! Shooting Training Mafia Work Mister X (mysterious client) Staff Journal (for promotion and additional options) Casino games VIP options Security Gyms Race Tracks Tuning Shops Back Fires (different types of attack) Trade drugs, cars, explosives, weapons Emissions (with upgrade options) Unique family options Free support! Also include a easy Install manual. Everybody can start the Gangster Game in a few minutes. And if you have problems we can do it for you, for FREE And of course many other gangster game options.