Updated: 12/22/2008

Easy Kiss PayPal Download Manager

The easiest way to get selling digital products * Simple installation in about 4 minutes * Easily integrates with your existing site * No coding or programming knowledge needed * Protects your files from being downloaded illegally * Automatically delivers your files upon purchase * You can also deliver files manually to anyone with a single click * Automatically sends an email with a link to the product * Automatically sets the link to expire so the download cannot be shared * Tracks all your sales so you can see what is selling * Sell as many products as you want with just a few clicks * Automatically generates your PayPal Code for you * Can run in sandbox mode for testing * Easy to use control panel to manage all your products * All currencies that PayPal supports can be used * Option to return visitors to your site after purchase * Designed to be incredibly easy to use * Notifies you by email when a product sells