Updated: 12/18/2008


Max.Blog is a new, very simple yet powerful blog software! It is 100% free, and is aimed at users who want to start a new blog, but don't have time to go through complicated settings and features. In fact...the installation process of Max.Blog takes 5 minutes! Just create a new database, change the settings in a file, and upload it and your done! The Max.Blog installer quickly configures everything, and sets up default settings that most likely you won't even have to change! And if you do need to change something, the Admin CP is a very easy place to change them! Max.Blog was started as a small project in 2008. From then to now, it has grown to be a really cool system with lots of awesome features! We hope you enjoy this blog software. If you like it, hate it, or you see something that you would like to be implemented, removed, or changed, leave a comment at our blog and we'll look into it. Best of all, Max.Blog is 100% Free! Dev. blog: m
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