Updated: 08/07/2008

EmailAgo - Powerful Feature Rich Web Mail Solution

EmailAgo has been modeled on the power and intuitiveness of GMail to offer an amazing and easy to setup complete Email Solution. Installation should take no more than 15 minutes and can work on any system with a basic PHP and MYSQL installation. EmailAgo can act as a highly profitable standalone Free Email Service similar to GMail, or as an additional email service within an existing membership site of any kind. It has one powerful feature that no other email script or existing email account provider can offer (other than GMail), it can target Adsense Advertisements on the fly to sent and received messages, just the way GMail monetizes on its system. You can also configure it to use your own Ad system or if you wish, no Ad system at all. It has almost all the features GMail has, and we are constantly working to add those it doesn't yet feature. See the full feature list on our website and test the demo for yourself.