Updated: 06/05/2008

Mega File Manager

* Complete user management system, including: o User registration, login and forgot password pages. o User private messaging. o User profile page. o Custom user avatars and signature. o BBCode/Smilies enabled comments. o Ability to participate in adding movies, links, downloads and files. * Complete file management system, including: o Torrent system: peers, snatchers and related info. o Edonkey files. o Album based: based on images, interactive slideshow system. o Movie streaming: Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real Audio and Flash movies. o File download system. o Remote file/movie linkage. o YouTube, GoogleVideo, Dailymotion and custom HTML movies addons. * Random Tags. * User invitation system. * User report/send to a friend options. * Related files, files from same user and extensive search options. * Site Stats page.