Updated: 06/05/2008

Web 2.0 Mass Video Embedding Application

Running a video sharing community script? Need to populate your site faster? If your running, SocialMedia, PHPmotion, Clipshare, Vidiscript, Ividplay, Wordpress, Rayzz, Vshare, VideoCMS then VideoSwiper can mass populate your sites super fast, fully automated and using the latest in Web 2.0 and ajax. Free registration and test drive for all new users, mass populate your video sharing communities with a single click of your mouse. This powerful and fully intergrated application will change the way you populate your online video sharing communities, youtube clones and other video sites including Wordpress video blogs and niche video websites. The very first of its kind as a full web based application that is multi user and multi script bringing video webmasters powerfull uploading and editing tools never seen before.