Updated: 06/02/2008

Socio Social Network/Community Script with video

The most advanced social network script now only for $180!! and $1900 on developer license. Socio does not depend on templates the entire sites design and look can be personalised from the admin panel. Socio has the most advanced admin panel that does everything from deleting spam comments to search engine optimization and even manage banners and video commercials for the site. Users can design their profiles with a built in profile editor where they can even select an image from google,photobucket or anywhere on the web and use it as a background. The video section has TV channels and plays videos in a larger screen video player. Socio also comes integrated with "Hack Police" for FREE!! WORTH $155 It will make sure your members and other visitors are protected at all times and reports any suspicious Hack Attempts to the admin(s).The admin(s) also has their own profile and can send users individual or bulk emails and messages.Socio has so much more to offer it is definetly a must see