Updated: 05/30/2008

Nice PHP FAQ / Articles Script ( Designer + SEO)

Nice PHP FAQ Script (Knowledgebase Script / Articles Script) is an amazing information publishing and customer support tool. You can use it to provide answers to your client''s frequently asked questions. KEY ADVANTAGES of this Script include 1) Pre-integrated attractive design 2) Enhances your website''s image 3) Feature packed control panel 4) SEO optimized articles 5) Set separate title, description, keywords etc for each article 6) SEO and Increase Traffic 8) Easy browsing 9) Easy search 10) Multi-level hierarchical categories. GREAT APPLICATIONS of this script include A) As customer support tool to save time B) As Information Sharing platform C) Search engine optimization (SEO tool) D) Hooking visitors to your site, thru more content E) User experience enhancement tool. BOTTOM LINE is I) Share information II) Increase sales III) Provide better support IV) Increase TRAFFIC through SEO and quality content V) Increase your overall business success. Check FULL FREE ONLINE DEMO