Updated: 05/27/2008

Life Stories

Life Stories script is a revolutionary new piece of software which allows users on your website to submit their life stories. Make your timeline (life story) about anything. Collaborate with family and friends or share it with whoever you want. Use on Myspace or blog. Life Stories gives the opportunity for fast and easy description of chosen events from real life. The user can fill in his own ''time line'' after the registration. Time line combines many selected days from life. Every chosen day is described by name, picture (optional) and a story tale which are filled in a friendly form. Certainly there is a possibility for subsequent edition or deletion of link story. The time lines are displayed through friendly flash which gives the oportunity for convenient inspection of the whole time line and the particular stories. The script gives the opportunity a certain ''time line'' to be displayed in another web site through adding of a simple small html file in it.