Updated: 07/08/2008

LadyBug QA Test Case Management

LadyBug is easy to learn and has a small learning curve. From test planning to regression testing, the software makes user input friendly and easy to use, while at the same time being robust and organized to keep you on track. LadyBug features a start to finish Test Case system for fully testing any application, as well as enabling you to perform full regression tests. Through the creation of Projects, Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Steps and incidents, you can now be more productive and organized in one single suite. Assign incidents to developers, retest and pass the project. Unlike "Defect Tracking" tools, LadyBug aims to cover a more segmented group who understand the importance of Test Plans and Test Cases - people who want to keep track of the tests they create, the steps they took to test and any incidents they find along the way. Whether it be a small task or a large project, LadyBug is robust enough to handle all of your needs. LadyBug - QA Tested. QA Approved.