Updated: 06/30/2008

phpLD Free

We look forward to building a relationship with you in the coming years as you use our product, and benefit from its use. Since its beginning in 2002, phpLD has been used on nearly 100,000 websites and growing. There are many uses for a directory, and here a few: Create a general directory of the best resources accross the web, and allow people to submit their sites. You can also earn money by charging for the review process, as well as a premium for featured links. Create a directory centered around your niche. Maybe you already have a website about a topic you know well, and you want to create a well organized link section to help your users find the best resources in your niche neatly organized into categories. Create a regional directory. This is pretty big right now, and many are getting in on this, because people are finding ways to build a local directory and profit from it. You can make a directory for your town or city, and then you can promote it.