Updated: 06/30/2008

Business Directory v2

Business directory 2.0 is a fully SEO solution for those wishing to run fast and stable business listings in the United States. This software is highly configurable and is highly adaptable for those who want custom modifications. We coded this from the ground up using the newest in php standards and looking into the future to php6 for a long term and stable solution for our customers. You can use it to list any sort of business directory. The directory is fully SEO and goes by state to city to category. It even has a USA map with clickable states! Check out our sales page for all features and try our live demo!
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  • Platforms
    • Linux,
    • Windows,
    • FreeBSD,
    • Mac OSX,
    • Sun Solaris
  • Licenses
    • Commercial License
  • Author
    • Innovative Technologies of Nashville