Updated: 06/26/2008

vPet multiplayer online role playing game

New Features in Ver.3.0 #1 Training Center #2 Smart Haggle #3 Collectible Items #4 New Avatars System #5 Premium Members Only Shop #6 Starter Kit Configuration #7 Not Restocked Items vPet is fun, easy to manage and features rich, Adoption Center; Bank; Items Shop; Fountain of Health; Notice Board; Penny Store; Free Food; Message Board; Post Office; Club; Auction Center; News Center, etc. Besides, there are tons of mini games in Game Center, Snake Eyes; Lottery Center; Random Numbers; Drop Box; Referral Contest; Daily Item; Slots; Random Points; The Price is right; Search for Pets; Fish for Pets; Battle Center; Quests; Trivia, etc. Demo is now available