Updated: 06/26/2008

Stock portfolio tracker

System allows you to hide, show, or show "masked" values for each of eleven value fields. Script retrieves data from Yahoo! Finance and updates with delayed quotes every 1 minute (by default--this can be changed to more or less frequently). Perfect for financial advising businesses that want to show a portfolio's success (but perhaps not its stock ticker symbols to keep the picks secret), or for anyone who wants to showcase a portfolio--real or imaginary--online. Options and mutual funds are supported as well. Requirements: Host with PHP server-side functionality MySQL Database Web browser for setup Package includes installation instructions, a setup script to prepare your MySQL database with the necessary tables, and everything you need to get started displaying a PHP-driven stock portfolio on your web page. NO PHP/SCRIPTING KNOWLEDGE NECESSARY! Complete instructions walk you through and have you posting an unlimited number of portfolios in minutes. Tech support included.