Updated: 04/02/2008

PHP Contact Manager

PHP Contact Manager is a PHP/MySQL/AJAX application and is a solution for those who need a possibility to store contacts as well as contact data in a MySQL database. The creation of PHP Contact Manager started when the stuff of our company was contacting potential customers by phone. The data was collected from several web sources. At one point, some of the data started to repeat so, we needed an application where we could type a name, phone number, etc. Based on the typed data, we needed the application to return the contacts that contained the typed data. Also, we thought it would be useful to have a list containing the discussions we had with the contact found by the application. Main features of PHP Contact Manager: Stores your contacts. Add as many data (e.g. web sites, Email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) as you wish. Type in any comments you need for each contact. The application will display the time the comment was registered! Last but not least, free PHP/MySQL/AJAX