Updated: 03/25/2008

TutorialHub V1 - Tutorial CMS

TutorialHub is a script specifically designed to grab all the latest tutorials/articles off the internet, what''s great about it is that you control where you want the content from, if you have visited a website and thought &"WOW, there fantastic tutorials, i wish i could have them on my website&" now you can!, in the admin section and config files, simply set the URL you wish your script to gather information from, there''s no limit to how many websites you want your script to fetch content. The script will auto update it''s self twice daily, in 12 hour intervals, check out the demo, we started gathering tutorials 6 days ago, and it has already gathered just short of 13,000 tutorials. TutorialHub also enhances the way your user''s can find content, with a unique search system, TutorialHub will search the keyword and list them so your user''s will never be searching through countless pages to find something very specific. Comes ready made with an easy to edit design..