Updated: 03/25/2008

BrowserObject 2.0.0 PHP

BrowserObject 2.0.0 PHP BrowserObject is a server-side browser detection tool. You can easily applied BrowserObject into your web applications to capture your visitors information and store them in a database. BrowserObject is working with all default browsers, mobile devices, search engine bots or crawlers. BrowserObject detects all kind of browser information such as: Browser Name Browser Version Major Version Minor Version Mouse Over Cookies Enabled SSL Supported SSL Key Size Firewall Popups Blocked Opened Ports Image Enabled Screen Width && Height Font Size Fonts Installed Flash Installed Acrobat Reader Installed Silverlight Installed QuickTime installed RealPlayer Installed Windows Media Player Installed Connection Type Device Model Platform .NET Version JavaScript Enabled VBScript Enabled System && User Language Time Zone. Wait no more and download our FREE 30days trial now!