Updated: 09/16/2003

Action Script Viewer

Action Script Viewer (ASV) is an advanced SWF (Flash movie) decompiler for Windows. Decompiles actionscripts, extracts sounds, bitmaps, text, displays the SWF timeline, lets you navigate the internals of a SWF file with context sensitive preview and an info pane. ASV can also extract outlines of vector symbols as Flash MX actionscript, SVG or a JSFL Tool. ASV fully supports Flash 3, 4, 5, MX, MX 2004 and will even show obfuscated scripts. New with version 4, now ASV can save resources and a JSFL command to rebuild the FLA for a SWF with Flash MX 2004. Offers a great head start when reconstructing the FLA. Visit the site for more info. (Note that current demo is of 3.00 version).