Updated: 04/13/2008

Secure Download Digital Delivery System for PayPal

File Download Headquarters is the most advanced digital file delivery system script of it''s kind for Paypal payments via your website etc, built around the tried and tested PHP && MySQL platforms. Protect your download files now from theft by internet snoopers/hackers. FDLHQ sends all purchasers a secure download link that can be set to expire and limits download attempts, plus can be locked to the purchasers IP address which stops link sharing. MAIN FEATURES: Secure storage of digital files (can be below your public html area) Download links can be set to expire and have download attempts limited e.g. 24 hours expiry && 3 download attempts. Downloads can be locked to users ip address to eliminate link sharing. Unique upsell/OTO download page option. Built In affiliate system. Built in shopping cart && store. Built in mailing list system.