Updated: 05/23/2008

NewsOffice 1.2 RC1

NewsOffice is a small and light weight news manager that does not need a database. You can download it, install it and it''s ready for use. Using the online admin panel you can manage your news, devide them in categories and upload files. Also your visitors can comment on your news. The template manager allows you to change the way your news is displayed on your news page. The news page is a page that you create and place a 2/3 line php code in, that''s all there is to it show you news. It has a strong security build in. You can create multiple users and give them different permissions. Every user has it''s own profile, with a descriptions and avatar, that can be viewed by visitors and edited by the user itself. A new version, with new features, is created regularly. Upgrading is a simple process that only takes about 1 to 3 minutes to complete.