Updated: 12/14/2007

IVR Studio

Based on internet standard, Voicent IVR Studio is open and extensible, and it allows customers to integration with existing website and incorporate custom-developed Java classes, which enables independent developers to extend Voicent IVR solution to meet unique customer business needs. Inbound && Outbound IVR Solution Key Features * Point-and-click call flow design * Deployed on any PC * Transfer call to any phone, such as your cell phone * Interactive touch tone response * Speech command response * Automatically convert text to speech * Easy integration with your website * Fully integrated with Voicent BroadcastByPhone autodialer * Integrate with any program through Java * Support single phone line or multiple phone lines * Natural Text-to-speech engine for playing any text over the phone * (Requires Voicent TelephonyCRM) Answer call with different IVR application based on caller ID